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Handmade is happiness

My name is Claire and I work for toucanBox, the award-winning arts and crafts subscription service for kids, as a product designer. We have recently designed a new range of craft kits for mums-to-be and new mothers which aim to support them in the personal challenges they are likely to experience. Whilst designing this project I was inspired by my own experience as a mum-to-be and the lessons I learned as a new mother, and I truly believe that this product will help mothers overcome the difficulties that they could face. 

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  • Our Intent

We believe that our craft kits will help mums to reconnect with themselves and provide moments of happiness that are vital in such an intense time in their lives.

This project has involved a great deal of research that ranged from reading studies and books to interviewing a number of mothers. I learned that many mums experience difficulties that can begin during pregnancy and extend throughout the early months of their babies’ lives. These challenges include, but are not limited to:

-    Loneliness
-    Boredom
-    Anxiety
-    Baby blues
-    Tiredness
-    Feeling lost or not herself

Studies have shown that creativity is essential for human happiness and it becomes even more important when life is stressful or challenging. During times of stress, being creative can stop being a priority. It can be seen to be difficult, frustrating and too much hassle. Mum-made craft kits make getting creative easy and simple, helping you to reprioritise it.

toucanBox has delivered over two million creative craft boxes to kids aged 3-8. This has resulted in an amazing community of creative families who have helped us to constantly improve our products to make them the best they can be. Our crafts combine fun with learning and encourage imaginary play.

Now we are ready to expand our community and include the parents that have supported their child’s creativity by offering them their own product.

  • How creativity can help

Many studies have shown there to be a link between creativity and happiness. Dr Carrie Barron has studied the relationship between handmade objects and happiness.

DW Winnicott, a well-respected psychoanalytical thinker, has argued that ‘It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self’.

Research has shown that participating in creative activities and making things with your hands has therapeutic benefits that enhance well-being.

Healing trauma: Getting creative is a way to let go of frustrations: you can use creativity to beat negativity. Dr Shelley Carson argues that creativity heals. She explains that being creative is the perfect getaway to heal trauma by transforming your emotions into something useful.

Personal fulfilment: Creating something yourself results in fulfilment that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling of pride.

Me time: Crafting gives you time alone where you can prioritise yourself and relax.

Mindfulness: Live in the present. When you are creating, you can be fully present with yourself and be true to your emotions.

Baby blues: Sharing your creation with your baby can help you to bond. Whether you are a mum-to-be preparing for the arrival of your baby, or a new mum, it is wonderful to be able to give your baby something handmade and made with love.

  • How does Mum-Made work?

. We make creativity convenient
Mum-made craft kits fit through the letterbox so they can be delivered at any time. All the materials required are included in the box, making it easy for mums to craft whenever they want to.

. We don’t skimp on quality
We have handpicked every material in the kits, including some materials that are exclusively designed for Mum-Made.

. We make creativity simple and achievable for everyone
Our range is suitable for crafters of all levels. Mum-Made kits teach new crafting techniques using clear and beautifully illustrated instructions. We also rencourage crafting with your family.

. Crafts that become keepsakes
We have designed crafts that are either essential in the nursery or make wonderful milestone keepsakes that both mum and baby will cherish for years to come.

. We make creativity relaxing
Our crafts are divided into stages so that mums can stop crafting halfway through and go back to it easily. Mum-Made kits are not too time-consuming as we know that mums are busy people!

We would love for you to test our product to help us to certify that Mum-Made crafts encourage mindfulness, happiness, and bonding. 

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Happy crafting!

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