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'My first Christmas' gift guide

If your life has changed with the arrival of your first newborn baby this year, you’ll be gearing up for their very first Christmas, and your first one as a new family. The memory of it will last forever (okay, more for you than for them) so you might be feeling a need to make it magical.

For this and the next Christmas, your little one won’t be able to tell you what they wish Santa Claus will bring, and as a new parent you might not know where to look for the best baby-friendly gifts.

It’s also important to consider that your little one doesn’t need millions of baby toys. They’ll grow out of them quickly and, this being their very first Christmas, you might get a lot of presents coming your way from family and friends. Usually the more traditional toys have the legs to be passed down from generation to generation. There are lots of creative brands remaking them with a fresh, innovative and modern looks.

Being a mother of two, I’ve seen tons of plastic toys I bought go into the bin. The ones that have survived the regular mass clearouts live in a storage box under the bed, completely unloved. What I‘ve noticed is that they play with the same favourite toys over and over again. Heidi (2) loves playing cards - she can sort them for hours, looking at the images. Axel (who’s now 7) has an atlas featuring all kind of the animals on earth, given to him by his godfather when he was 4.  He’s grown up with it as his guide, first learning about each animal and now using it as a reference point to draw them. It seems to be the simple toys that have longevity. I love the things that I envisage them cherishing forever; a keepsake that they will keep in their room for their entire childhood and maybe will pass down to their own children.

So we’ve come up with our ultimate selection of gifts for newborns babies. These brands are making truly memorable keepsakes that will stick around for many Christmases to come.

Here’s our definitive list of the best presents you could find for your little one’s first Christmas.mum-made_blog_1stchristmas

  • A traditional advent calendar by MeriMeri

Why we love it: An advent calendar is a must-have to countdown the days before Christmas and to make the excitement grow! MeriMeri’s version is made with a natural wood finish, featuring woodland animals. Classic but contemporary, it’ll come out year after year and become a definitive decoration in your home.

Why We Love It: Okay, we’re eschewing modesty in all senses of the word. 2017 was the year Mum-Made launched, making a splash in the crafting market by creating unique projects exclusively for new mums and mums-to-be. Each box makes a perfect dual gift for mother and newborn, so mum can take some precious time to themselves creating something contemporary and stylish for the nursery. Made with the highest quality materials, it’s a long-lasting keepsake that could be treasured and passed down through generations, with the words “my mum made this for me.”

Why we love it: Mini Rodini places an emphasis on organic cotton, sustainability and ethical production. If that wasn’t enough just look at these pompom ears. A super smart combination of cuteness and ethical beliefs.

Why we love it: This brand has been spotted on many celebrities, including the Duchess of Cambridge. And we kind of know why she loved it; it’s a sweet way to for you to remain close to your little one when you’re apart. You can personalise it with their name. Makes a great present for dads!

  • An educational treat by Djeco

Why we love it: Djeco revisits traditional toys with a fresh look. They also ask brilliant artists to participate in their illustrations to make them very special and beautiful. We promise this toy will become one of the favourites.

Why we love it: The vintage red look is so adorable. The first trike is definitely a milestone, so it needs to be legendary!

Why we love it: Who wouldn’t want a cuddle from a giant whale? Shaped perfectly, it allows little arms to embrace their new squishy friend. They will become a lifetime companion very quickly, transporting your child in a imaginary underwater play.

Why we love it: The oh so smart Wee Gallery have made a long-lasting book with sweet illustrations to help develop your child’s visual development and perception.

Why we love it: A modern but minimalist look that will match any kind of interior decoration. You can easily remove the suspensions so when baby gets bored with the ones provided you can swap for others and even make your own.

  • Fluffy baby booties by Donsje

Why we love it: Warm mini toes with these supremely cute roaring lion booties. Chic, practical and toasty, they’re the perfect little boots to encourage them to make their first steps safely & comfortably.

Why we love it: Okay, so this Christmas suit might only last one year. For sure they won’t be able to squeeze into it next year. But just look at it! Imagine dressing your newborn up on Christmas morning, complete with elf slippers. It just has to be done.

Why we love it: Free their imagination for years to come. A perfect little camp for story-times, naps time and millions of future playdates. You’ll find a big range of beautiful teepees on the Nobodinoz website to match the personality of your little one and your style.

  • A backpack filled with seasonal treats by MeriMeri

Why we love it: A simple but very cute backpack, gender neutral and easy to wash. You’ll use it from the day your child will unwrap it, filling it with their precious tiny christmas presents and treats.

Happy Christmas New Parents and lots of hugs to your little ones. we wish you a magical Christmas! 

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