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'My Partner is Pregnant' Christmas Gift Guide

What should I give my pregnant wife?

Believe me, since the dawn of time, there’s no harder question for aspiring fathers. It can - and will - cause moments of panic. People have cut themselves off from the world because of it. By the time you face it, you instantly become aware of how unequally the burden of the childbirth falls onto a couple. And one person is more aware of that than you: Your wife. So you wonder what you can do to make her life slightly easier. What can you get her to make her feel special? Relaxed? Like you understand what she’s going through?

The stakes are extremely high. Choosing something she can’t do because she’s pregnant, like a paragliding weekend followed by a classy sushi restaurant and wine bar is sudden death. Choosing something she doesn’t like doing when she wasn’t pregnant is 100 times worse because, well, she is pregnant. The decision can be so difficult that you might end up not choosing anything at all, in which case, well, best not to think about that. Seeking counsel is tricky: you could secretly ask her friends or sister, but that can backfire severely if she learns that you cannot do that one thing on your own. You are on your own."

Well not anymore!

We found the perfect gifts that cover frustrations your pregnant partner could have during her pregnancy, that make her feel she is your precious jewel and that can warm up the 2 beautiful hearts beating in her body! This Christmas you’ll be a hero! 


Mum-Made blog - My partner is pregnant Gift Guide

  •  To tell her she’s beautiful.

With big baby bump that getting bigger (and bigger…), the confidence in your own body is challenged each day. It’s important you can find ways to make her feel gorgeous. This effortlessly chic, pregnancy dress by Isabella Oliver is a must-have.

  • To show you’re dedicated in the pregnancy

As we developed the Mum-Made boxes we always came back to the feeling mothers have during their pregnancy - the want to create something unique and personal for their newborn baby, like a bird preparing the nest, to shoe-in an aviary pun. Our bird-themed mobile allows her to create something with her own two hands, making a lasting keepsake for your newborn.

  • To show you understand pregnancy frustrations

LOV organic teas are beautifully presented, infused with ingenious natural flavours and are caffeine-free. Just because your pregnant partner isn’t allowed alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t both have an evening drink treat.

  • To show you’ll be committed when baby arrives

Pick up a sling scarf, for you and her. But don’t pick any one; go for the most trendy, contemporary designs that suit your personalities. Solly Baby have an eclectic selection where you’re bound to find a sling to suit your style.

  • To make her feel proud

Joli Bump makes beautiful clothes that celebrate pregnancy and motherhood. Remind her that your lives are changing in the most positive of ways, and you can’t wait.

  • To show her that you’re there
Yes, a Babymoon is a thing. But before you start rolling your eyes and wondering where this will end, think of the benefits: getting away from all the stress to celebrate with the person that matters most in your life (and a very important bump). The brilliant Kid & Coe. have lots of pregnancy-friendly destinations, with activities to relax, not agitate. If you can’t find the time to get away treat her to a pregnancy-safe massage with Elemis Spa.
  • To show her you haven’t lost your sense of humour
Mother Pukka (and Papa Pukka) are mum-blogging royalty. Their witty insight, honesty and anecdotes will have you in stitches. It’s always better to laugh at the challenges.
  • Remind her that She is still her
Yes her life is consumed with pregnancy, but she’s still the same amazing woman she’s always been. Get her something that reflects her. Something engraved always adds a touch of class. By the oh so elegant Merci Maman.
We wish a very Merry Christmas to all parents-to-be... the last one before your bundle of joy arrives! 






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